Environmental Charities

UK Environmental Charities

Friends Of The Earth

Friends of the Earth are a global charity who campaign tirelessly for the health of the planet and all those who reside on it. Their ethos is that we only have one planet, so protecting it is vital for future generations to flourish. FOE have been operating in the UK for over 40 years, during which time they have successfully campaigned for laws to protect the countryside, woken the world up to climate change, and fought for big companies to behave more responsibly. They are also responsible for the implementation of the green recycle bin on your doorstep. If you want to get involved with Friends of the Earth, there are plenty of local and national initiatives operating, as well as online campaigns. There are currently campaigns running in the areas of climate change, green economy, natural resources, and environmental justice. Find out more by visiting their website at www.foe.co.uk.


Greenpeace is an independent global environmental campaigning organisation who relies solely on public donations to carry out their mission. Tackling issues such as climate change, deforestation, use of toxic chemicals, fracking, and defending the oceans, Greenpeace are a leading organisation in preventing further damage to the environment, and bringing about positive changes in attitude. Volunteers can help Greenpeace through donating money, fundraising, joining campaigns, inviting a greenspeaker to an event, or disseminating information via the internet. The current flour power campaign encourages you to raise money for Greenpeace by baking cakes, with the slogan 'bake cakes, not the planet.' Visit their website to find out more information at www.greenpeace.org.uk .

Action For Sustainable Living

Action for Sustainable Living are passionate about enabling people to create a more sustainable future. They believe that one of the most effective ways of doing this is by inspiring people to create and get involved with community projects in their own regions. By empowering communities to become the leaders of their own sustainability, they are helping to shape a more positive future for the environment. You can get involved with Action for Sustainable Living by donating to their cause, volunteering on projects, helping out with administrative tasks, or even heading up your own sustainable living community project. The project coordinators provide accredited training and ongoing support and coaching to local project managers for free. If you have specialist skills which could help to boost their portfolio, this is another way in which you can support this worthy cause. Visit their website for information on volunteering or other ways to contribute at www.afsl.org.uk.

Global Action Plan

By encouraging people to take positive environmental action and using their stories to inspire more change, Global Action Plan has been able to reach over 4 million people with their sustainability message since their inception in 1993. They are endorsed by the United Nations Environment Programme as the UKs only environmental behaviour change project. They work with schools, local businesses, and communities to empower them with the knowledge, skills, and ideas required to change behaviours and create more sustainable practices. They say enthusiasm is contagious and that by creating a buzz around the idea of sustainability, the charity is able to inspire people and businesses to make projects that they're proud of, and these can be showcased to highlight the possibilities to others. If you're interested in getting involved with Global Action Plan, you can become a partner or a strategic funder. They are strong believers in the power of collaboration, bringing together skill sets which will complement each other and create teams of people who can use their skills for the good of the planet. Strategic funding is a model of long term fundraising which is essential to their continued good work and is a very effective way of showing support for the cause. Visit their website at www.globalactionplan.org.uk.


Having been involved with some of the most important wildlife and environment projects of the last few decades, the WWF are recognised as being world leaders in conservation. Covering topics such as worldwide environmental conservation, climate change, and sustainability, they are important environmental caretakers. The projects that they are involved with range from social ventures to raise awareness of environmental issues such as the hugely popular 'Earth Hour' campaign, to providing sustainability resources, or working with governments and authorities to bring about legal protection on environmental issues. There are a huge range of ways in which you can get involved and help out with this great project, from donating, adopting an animal, or signing petitions, to fundraising, joining the Go Wild Club and shopping with the WWF. One of the big projects currently running is the Sky Rainforest Rescue which is aiming to save one billion acres of Amazonian rainforest from destruction in Brazil. It's an ongoing campaign which needs lots of support and energy put into it for them to achieve their goal. Visit their website at www.wwf.org.uk.


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