Educational Charities

Educational and Training Charities in the UK

Support and Help in Education – SHINE

Shine is a Surrey-based not-for-profit organisation that was established in 1999. The main objective of this charitable organisation is to help children and young people achieve their full potential by excelling in education. The charity targets children and youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds who may be at risk of leaving school or failing to meet national standards. Since its foundation, this charitable organisation has focussed on designing programmes that help students improve their academic performance in core subjects like science, maths, and English. Some of the most successful projects run by this charity include their intensive numeracy and literacy support sessions, their weekend creative learning programme, and one-on-one support sessions for students who lag behind in their reading and writing skills. Through these programmes, Shine aims to empower primary and secondary school students and give them a wider range of choices in life.

There are several ways of getting involved with Shine, like writing for newspapers, speaking at industry events or schools, or taking part in the charity's annual sports event, the Windsor Half Marathon. To learn more on how to participate, visit

Think Global

Think Global is an educational charity that was initially founded in 1933 as a result of the joint initiative between Oxfam, Save the Children, Cafod, Christian Aid, and Action Aid. At the time, the organisation was known was the Development Education Association, but its name was changed to Think Global in 2011 in order to better reflect the organisation's far-reaching objectives and inclusive mission statement. Think Global aims to connect young people from all over the world and to educate them on global issues, so that they are equipped with the kind of knowledge that is increasingly required by employers. This organisation also aims to promote creative thinking and to encourage open-mindedness through a range of programmes that cover subjects like social justice, globalisation, human rights, sustainable development, and diversity. But Think Global does not only target students, as it also runs a dedicated website for teachers, where they can find comprehensive information to make their classes more relevant and informative.

Those interested in collaborating with this organisation can do so by becoming members, a step that opens up a range of opportunities in public speaking, awareness raising, and workshop facilitation. You can find detailed information at

The Education Charity - TLG

The Education Charity is a Manchester-based charitable organisation affiliated with the Christian Church. This charity's principal objective is to transform lives for good (hence the initials TLG). The Education Charity aims to fight social and educational exclusion by giving disadvantaged children and young people a second chance, so that they can make the most of their educational opportunities. TLG works with children and youngsters who come from broken families or who have a history of substance misuse or gang involvement. Through a series of projects run at the charity's early intervention centres, TLG hopes to remove the barriers that these young people are often faced with and to improve their chances of success in life. The charity's educational support programmes have been highly successful, as 95 per cent of all attendees are now in employment, education, or training.

Volunteers can help with fundraising, administration, teaching, and mentoring work. Internship opportunities are also available. To find detailed information on how to get involved, visit


Rathbone was established in 1995 as a project of The Rathbone Society, a charitable foundation who has championed the rights of poor and disadvantaged children since the 19th century. Nowadays, Rathbone focusses on helping young people realise their potential and become useful members of society by supporting them through the learning process. This organisation offers advice and guidance so that youngsters can make informed choices for their future. The charity also organises outdoor residential activities to help participants gain team building and communication skills. Community projects and one-on-one support on core subjects are also offered.

You can support this charity by becoming a volunteer at one of its centres or by helping out at events. Learn more at

Chailey Heritage Foundation

The Chailey Heritage Foundation was established in 1903 with the objective of helping children and young people with disabilities, who at the time were marginalised and subject to much stigma. Nowadays, this charity continues to support students with special needs at its residential school, which welcomes youngsters aged 3 to 19 years old who suffer from physical and/or learning difficulties. At this school, students are encouraged to develop their full potential through academic and extra-curricular activities specifically tailored to their needs. Chailey also runs a skills centre, which offers 'living skills' sessions and that is equipped with a wheelchair-friendly gym, and arts and crafts studio, a spa, and multi-media facilities.

To learn more about volunteering with Chailey, visit

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