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UK Sports Charities

Youth Sport Trust

Through a range of sport and education resources, programmes, and initiatives, plus live events, the Youth Sport Trust is helping young people achieve their sporting potential. The specialist staff are engaged in collaboration with governing bodies, primary and secondary schools, special educational needs centers, and corporate partners in order to create fantastic sporting opportunities for children in the UK. You can support the work of the Youth Sport Trust in a number of ways, including donating to specific charity targets, taking up a fundraising challenge, or getting involved with a corporate partnership. You can set up your own individual fundraising challenge on the Virgin Money Giving or JustGiving sites, utilizing your own unique talents to raise money for a good cause. For more information visit

United Through Sport

United Through Sport is a UK charity which helps children from around the world to benefit from sporting participation and excellence programs which would not otherwise be available in their regions. The three main areas that the charity work in are mass participation programmes, junior school excellence programmes, and senior school excellence programs. As well as donating or fundraising for United Through Sport, you can get involved by volunteering as a sports coach abroad. You can enroll to be a sports coach in numerous different locations around the globe, specializing in your favourite sport, whether its hockey, netball, football, rugby, swimming, baseball, basketball, tennis, cricket or even ultimate frisbee. The volunteer programmes are extremely flexible, running from short 2 week posts, to more permanent positions. For more information visit


One of the most inspirational charities to arise in the last decade, StreetGames takes sport to the doorstep of those in the most deprived inner city areas in the UK, promoting participation, community values, and leadership as it goes. The charity began in 2007 and since then has been able to reach thousands of people who would otherwise have lost touch with the opportunity to enjoy and thrive in a sporting environment. They have a youthful exuberance which helps connect with those most in need, and the charity also seeks to develop potential community mentors and leaders in the process. Some of the exciting projects you can get involved with include The Co-operative StreetGames Young Volunteers, Us Girls, StreetGames - Legacy Leaders, and Training Academy. To find out more about how you can help go to

Access Sport

Access Sport is a charity dedicated to solving social issues in inner city areas through the proven power of sport. They run schemes to encourage sports participation in regions where facilities are unavailable or underutilized, and by increasing sporting participation they are able to address issues of inactivity, obesity, and social exclusion. The goal is to help community volunteers set up local sports clubs which can become thriving social enterprise centers and help address wider issues in the area. Cash injections, expert business advice, volunteering support, and networking are all provided by Access Sport so that the clubs can thrive and become a real success. Some of the current programs which are in operation in Bristol, Manchester, and London, include the Active Women Project, Sport for Change Project, Ignite Programme, Doorstep Sports Club Trailblazer. Go to to find out how you can contribute.


This unique charity is all about celebrating SportsAble members to achieve at the highest level, and raise awareness of disability issues in sport. Their members have represented Great Britain at every Paralympic games since 1976, proving what a huge success story they have been. As well as providing training, facilities, equipment, and financial support to its members, SportsAble also spend a lot of time and promoting community awareness. The emphasis of awareness and fundraising events is always on joining people together to have fun through events such as the Annual Wheelchair Push. There are plenty of fundraising activities to get involved with, including their famous Have a Go Fun Sports Nights, open mic nights, quiz nights, and many more. SportsAble is also actively involved in getting more young disabled people involved in sports through outreach programs which are tied to schools and community sports centers. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities with this fantastic charity, and each volunteer is matched up with a project that suits their interests and aims. Find out more at

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